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Preschool martial arts classes

If you are looking for a fun, new activity for your 4 or 5 year old child, consider Tiger Kim's Little Tigers martial arts classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

At Tiger Kim's Tae Kwon Do, we understand the unique challenges preschool and kindergarten age children present to both parents and teachers. Our Little Tigers martial arts classes are specially designed for young children to keep them excited to come to class every time. Plus, your child will gain greater focus, which will carry over to home and school as well.

Benefits of Tiger Kim's martial arts classes for preschoolers and kindergarteners:

  • Increased focus and self-control
  • A structured learning environment
  • A great outlet to burn off excess energy
  • Patient and enthusiastic instructors
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We promise you'll find our Little Tiger classes to be a
positive and fun introduction to martial arts.

“Govind started taekwondo as a four year old Little Tiger. It has helped tremendously with his motor skills and concentration. We believe that a large part of his success at school is due to the focus of taekwondo instruction and training. We also believe that Govind’s social skills have vastly improved due to the various instructors at the taekwondo school Overall, it has been a success story for Govind.” -Parents of Govind Havish from our High Point school

“It has given my children tremendous confidence and pride in their accomplishments. They understand the importance of personal goals and showing others respect – not bad for being five years old. They value the effort, trying their very best, versus ‘winning’.” -Parents of Cameron and Collin Podger from our High Point school

Getting started is easy at Tiger Kim's Tae Kwon Do:

Tiger Kim's is recognized as one of the best martial arts organizations in the country, both for the quality of our instruction and for our clean and safe facilities.

  • Beginners are always welcome - no prior experience is necessary.
  • AND our Free Trial Program includes private lessons, group classes, and a free Tae Kwon Do uniform - everything your child needs to get started.
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