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Testimonials from our Students and Families

Since we first started teaching martial arts, we've received a lot of great comments from our students and families.

Below are a collection of the comments you'll find throughout this site...

On Getting Started:

“I would recommend you give them a try. It is the best opportunity to get to know what Tae Kwon Do is about. My son and I really enjoy taking Tae Kwon Do. We never want to miss a class.”  -Pandhira Ramey

“Do it! Your child will gain confidence and learn to be more respectful both at Tae Kwon Do and at home.”  -Sara Sharkey (son Parker)

“You won’t regret it. The instructors, atmosphere, and other students are all great! It will be a very positive experience for the entire family.”  -Robin Funk (daughter Breanna)

“They are genuine and only want the best for your child. Every child learns in different ways, however they make every class a triumph for your child. Your child will get self-confidence and a feeling of being proud of their accomplishments.”  -Sheila Kauffman (son Bradley)

“A school that you can entrust your children with to learn and to progress with safety in mind. A school that will teach your family skills that will enhance your life.”  -Bill Sparks (son Will)

“I highly recommend it! My son and I both agree that Tiger Kim’s feels like family to us now. It’s a great way to get fit while having fun, it promotes discipline and respect, and it develops goal setting skills and increases self-confidence.”  -Ginger Walker (son David)

“Definitely give it a try. It is a lot of fun, a great workout, and you get to meet a lot of great people.”  -Jaaia Corbin

“Run, don’t walk, but run to Tiger Kim’s TKD!” What you will learn will last a lifetime!”  -Brian & Heather Fox (children Ainsley & Ella)

“For a lasting, most positive impact on your child’s future, join Tiger Kim’s TKD. It is 100% worth it!” -Nadeem Faizi

“Don’t wait! Put the thoughts such as ‘I can’t do it” or ‘I don’t have the time’ out of your mind. Tae Kwon Do is an excellent way to bring families together and to strengthen minds and bodies.”  -David Kiggor

“I would encourage every family to try it. We have experienced nothing but positive benefits from our daughter, instructors, and school.”  -Parent of Emily Tyres

The Instructors:

“The instructors are great. They always have a positive attitude, and are always willing to help.”  -Chris Neil

“We love the instructors at Tier Kim’s! They all have a wonderful rapport with the kids. They are all positive and fun role models for the kids.”  -Robin Funk (daughter Breanna)

“We highly recommend Tae Kwon Do and would be hard pressed to find any instructors more qualified.”  -Martin Hill (son Nick)

“The instructors are awesome! They are professional, enthusiastic, and supportive. They try very hard to make sure all students are motivated to do their best. I appreciate the positive role models they are for my son.”  -Ginger Walker (son David)

“They are great! They are enthusiastic and always positive when teaching students. They allow us to develop at our own pace and provide the right encouragement.” -Banks Ramage (daughter Grace)

“The instructors are really positive and energetic at every class without fail.”  -Su Kim (son Hanyoung)

“The instructors are awesome. They are so patient and always encourage me and push me to do my best.”  -Jaaia Corbin

“We believe that the instructors are what separates Tiger Kim’s from all the other schools. Their ability to connect with the children and require more from themselves than they knew was possible is remarkable.”  -Brian & Heather Fox (children Ainsley and Ella)

“All of the instructors are great with the students. They are genuinely happy to see you and very helpful. They keep classes interesting and fun. They know when to praise and when to correct. They set good examples of what they teach.” -Nyrobi Bradbem

“All of the instructors genuinely care about the students. They want us to learn and push us to do so, and they know how to build our confidence.”  -David Kiggor

“The instructors are very kind and helpful. They maintain a fun environment while teaching the techniques.”  -Carl Murdock

Children's Class Students and Parents:

“For my son, Luke, I can see his focus toward school has been improving since he started taking Tae Kwon Do class. He is healthier and more flexible than before.”  -Pandhira Ramey (son Luke)

“His confidence has skyrocketed! He is always so excited to go to class. Our son has learned to work hard towards the goals he wants to achieve.” -Sara Sharkey (son Parker)

“The most positive result of Breanna being in such a great school is her increased self-confidence and she is learning to be a more respectful, focused child.”  -Robin Funk (daughter Breanna)

“He has become more self-confident and engages in conversation with others more quickly. He has Aspurgers which results in juvenile behaviors and isolation of others. He has blossomed and now loves to play and interact with others. I have been a part of softball, football, and numerous activities for my son, but none compare to the outstanding changes in Brad from taking Tae Kwon Do at Tiger Kim’s. He is very outgoing now and looks forward to getting to class.”  -Sheila Kauffman (son Bradley)

“My son has benefitted from a greater sense of self-confidence. He has also learned about good sportsmanship, hard work, and respect.”  -Ginger Walker (son David)

“We have noticed more focus on tasks she is being asked to complete in school and at home.” -Banks Ramage (daughter Grace)

“Tae Kwon Do provides a very clean, safe, and supportive environment in which to learn. Our son has gained physical strength, greater endurance, more flexibility, and has engaged in a positive way with the instructors as he pursues his classes in Tae Kwon Do.”  -Lisa Bowman (son Daniel)

“It has become more than just a sport. We are discovering that it is more a disciplined ‘way of life’. It has definitely helped him to become stronger in all areas, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. The consistent drill and practice and high expectations from the instructors reinforces his need to stay focused and motivated in all that he does. Because consistent positive behavior is encouraged in class, it is easier to expect and reinforce those behaviors at home.”  -Su Him (son Hanyoung)

“Our children have had to learn more responsibility as they progress through Tae Kwon Do. They love it! They also love all the triumphs and challenges along the way. They have become more physically fit, too.”  -Brian & Heather Fox (children Ainsley & Ella)

“My three sons and I have benefitted enormously from Tiger Kim’s TKD. The boys are showing increased self-confidence and self-esteem. They are much more respectful, self-disciplined, and motivated than before. They appreciate the individualized instruction as well as the teamwork found here.”  -Nadeem Faizi

“My child has learned to focus on her schoolwork and has even moved into honors classes. She has learned persistence, to set goals, and the feeling of accomplishing her goals.” -Amelia Irvin

“Our grandson’s manners and treatment of others has become respectful.”  -Nyrobi Bradbem

“Our daughter, Emily, loves coming to Tae Kwon Do. She has benefitted by learning respect for herself and others. She believes in herself. She has always been a shy child, but not any longer!”  -Parent of Emily Tyres

Adult Class Students:

“Do it! It’s a great opportunity to meet people. It’s a great physical workout, and the instructors are awesome. I’ve never had more fun.”  -Chris Neil

“For myself, I have better fitness while I’ve been taking Tae Kwon Do, and I also have a positive attitude toward those around me.”  -Pandhira Ramey

“I knew that I would benefit personally from improved health, but I didn’t realize how it would impact my professional life. Losing weight and having more energy makes me feel better about myself, and that has carried over into my teaching. I think I am more positive in the classroom, and that motivates my students to do their best. I also have more fun with them now!”  -Ginger Walker (son David)

“For me it has provided an outlet for stress related to work, along with the added benefit of cardio.”  -Banks Ramage (daughter Grace)

“Families should come and join. They will have some fun, learn something new, and develop some useful lifeskills – from improved focus/concentration, to a structured physical workout, to respect for the instructors and fellow students, and to a sense of pride and accomplishment as they progress in Tae Kwon Do.” -Lisa Bowman (son Daniel)

“Tae Kwon Do has really improved my physical fitness. I didn’t used to like to exercise because it was boring, but Tae Kwon Do is so much fun. I look forward to class everyday. Also, I have met a lot of great people and formed new friendships. Since I started Tae Kwon Do my self-confidence has really grown. I used to be really shy but I’m not as shy anymore.”  -Jaaia Corbin

“Being a mom is hard work. It has let me have ‘me’ time and be able to work hard and have fun doing it.”  -Jessica Burton

“I am in the best shape that I have been in over the past 20 years. I have made good friends and enjoy coming to every class. It will make you feel better physically and mentally. It will help you manage the stress of your daily life.”  -Bob Probst

“I have benefitted from Tae Kwon Do both physically and mentally. I have gained a greater self-confidence and focus. I have also become stronger and faster. My family is happy with the vast results of my training. If you’re looking for an excellent workout and wonderful time, Tiger Kim’s is certainly the place.”  -Carl Murdock

"Little Tigers" Class Parents:

“Govind started taekwondo  as a four year old Little Tiger. It has helped tremendously with his motor skills and concentration. We believe that a large part of his success at school is due to the focus of taekwondo instruction and training. We also believe that Govind’s social skills have vastly improved due to the various instructors at the taekwondo school Overall, it has been a success story for Govind.”  -Parents of Govind Havish

“It has given my children tremendous confidence and pride in their accomplishments. They understand the importance of personal goals and showing others respect – not bad for being five years old. They value the effort, trying their very best, versus ‘winning’.” -Parents of Cameron and Collin Podger

Family Class Students:

“Coming to Tae Kwon Do classes with Breanna has given our family a positive, healthy activity. We love to watch her interacting with her classmates and the instructors.”  -Robin Funk (daughter Breanna)

“Will, my son, is learning and strengthening his skills in the areas of focus, drive, attitude, and discipline. It’s a joy to see my son progress. I am enjoying setting a goal and working hard to reach that goal.”  -Bill Sparks (son Will)

“Tae Kwon Do is something my son and I enjoy doing together. We can participate together in family class or separately in kids/adults only classes and still feel like we share something. It truly has provided opportunities for growth in mind and spirit as well as body. Our minds are challenged by constantly learning new forms, terms, etc. Our spirit is strengthened by working hard and seeing tangible rewards for that hard work. We also value the friendships we’ve made and the camaraderie that has developed among the students.”  -Ginger Walker (son David)

“Start! Being together with your child as you go through the classes and test for belts give you both something to talk about and strive for. This is a great experience to share with your child.” -Banks Ramage (daughter Grace)

“To families considering enrolling in Tiger Kim’s Tae Kwon Do school, I would encourage them to go to the school, talk to them, and observe one of the classes. We have previously tried some other activities without a good outcome, but Tiger Kim’s instructors have worked hard to build a relationship with my son to help him learn about and develop skill in Tae Kwon Do. We are so glad we joined Tiger Kim’s Tae Kwon Do. We looked at other Tae Kwon Do schools, but this one was the best fit for us.”  -Lisa Bowman (son Daniel)

“Tiger Kim’s school is all about the family unity and incorporates respect outside of the classes and into the home.”  -Amelia Irvin

“Tae Kwon Do at Tiger Kim’s has been one of the very few activities that our children can both enjoy. Our boys have different interest, personalities, and strengths. TKD has brought out the best in both of them. They get to enjoy classes together and share the experience while nurturing their individual needs.” -Parents of Cameron and Collin Podger

“First of all, Tae Kwon Do has benefitted me by helping me make lifestyle changes. My body has strengthened and I have lost weight, making me healthier. Plus, I have developed new friendships. Secondly, my son has developed a high level of confidence in himself and he enjoys taking class with his friends. Finally, Tae Kwon Do has become a family activity. My wife, my son, daughter, and I enjoy taking classes together. We have a friendly competition among ourselves and we push each other to excel. We have always been a close knit family, but as we got older different interests emerged. Tae Kwon Do has given us a common ground and goals we can reach together.”  -David Kiggor
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